About Me

Mina Dello Owner/ Director has over 30 years experience in Dressmaking and designing .

Mina first started as a machinist and cutter working for various high fashion houses, this included working with fabric, lingerie, bridal and leather garments, in both ladies, men and childrens wear.

Mina's experience also goes back as a child watching and helping her mother who was also a dressmaker. Mina gained further knowledge in completing a course in dressmaking and patternmaking and design from 1988 to 1992. In 1996 Mina's passion and professionalism took her to the next level and opened her first business trading as EXL Leather. In a very short time it proven to be an instant success, and become a leader in the leather fashion industry. Due to family commitments Mina sold her very successful business, to adjust with her new lifestyle as a mum, and to pursuit her new successful adventure a Bridal and Dressmaker clothing alteration service business